Sunday, November 25, 2012

Button, button....& a give a-way

Button, button…. I had to sew a small button on my husband’s shirt; he’s leaving first thing in the morning for Mexico.  Well, I had to find a button that would fit. I looked in the little bowl on top of the dryer I put ‘things’ in: coins, screws, buttons that come off, etc. That particular button was not in the bowl. But look what I did find!
 I started looking for a button in every place I knew to look. I found lots of buttons, even a zipper foot to God only knows what machine it fits, bias binding makers (dang I wish I would have found those last month when I needed them), but no button.

So after I signed up for this link party I was going to run into the store (JoA…s), pick up the pack of buttons, and get right back home. BUT NOOOO, my husband decided he did want a new pair of jeans (we were only to the store umpteen times in the past 3 weeks and I was telling him to get them then)… After the drug store and mall I did stop and get a pack of buttons taking longer then I wanted to spend because it was a BOGO. I needed ONE button, but I’m a sucker when it comes to bargains. It must have taken 15 minutes to find a pack of buttons I liked with the same price but I did find a pack.
Needless to say 5 ½ hours LATER I finally got into my sewing room. Again and much more OH NOOOO I lost the button!#*! I guess I can’t cry because there is no beer for tears to fall into!

I am making a set of towels for a couple we met and stayed at their home over night, for the ‘Rolling Thunder’ which was very many months ago. I am just now making their thank you gift, which is their name on the towels and 'hotel' because they were so gracious to open their home - as if we stayed at a hotel. Of course when I started the towels last night I ran out of thread and had to run to (JoA…s). They had a BOGO for the thread, ended up getting a really pretty pink also. Now I just ask if they have my bed in the back room and if it's made because it seems I am in there every day.
I still have the hand towels to do. Do you think I should put anything on the wash clothes or just let them be?
I am trying to get followers, so I am going to have a give a-way! If you become a follower on my blog and add me to your "Blogs I Follow" list, I will put your name in the 'hat' to win a really nice prize! (Hint--my real job is stained glass.) Thanx for stopping by.


Schulz Family said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Love your button story

Brandie said...

I had to laugh about your button experience! I feel like I'm doing the same thing with my crystals!
Love those towels. They will be a perfect gift!

Brandie said...

I had to laugh at you button experience! I feel the same way after going two days in a row for crystals.
Those towels will be a perfect gift!

MamaT said...

Seems I spend a lot of time at JoAnn's too. I'll follow you. Enter me in the giveaway.