Friday, February 28, 2014

SewCalGal's Christmas Party Link

Yesterday I said I would figure out how to link in SewCalGal for the party she is hosting. She was so kind to forward the link to me so here it is:
  I encouage all to join in. Just think, by Christmas time you will be finished with your gifts and that would be one less thing to stress about.
Also you get to meet wonderful people by linking in to them and seeing what they are working on! L

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finally posting Sunday's Blog!

How did you spend your Sunday? Well, on my ONE day off for the week, or is it my ONE day off for the coming week, I started the laundry and throughout the day did 5 loads. I think I’m getting ahead of myself. This week before Sunday I was able to post some more things on Etsy, a little sample

Okay, so I STILL can not figure out photo placing!!! But I think I might have figured out how to edit in the compose section of blogger...I hope.
The etched door I started in Jan is finally boxed and ready for the carpenter to pick it up to re-install it. (Got the OK to do the job Nov. last year.) This design’s stencil had to be hand cut. Not only did I cut it out THREE times, I also tried waxing the design. The first two times I put the panel in a ‘chemical etching’ bath. Both times it did not work, so the third and fourth; fourth being the LAST time, I had it sandblasted. The original which I had to match is over 100 years old. Back then they used a ‘silver chemical etching’ process that has long gone by the wayside….EPA and all…. 

 I made dough for almost 3 dozen doughnuts. I remember working for my mother (she owned a restaurant) and making dozens of dozens of doughnuts for the customers and for sale; of course you had to sell a ‘Baker’s Dozen’ (13) for good luck. My mother was very stupidsticious. I don’t think I’m as bad as she was, but I can still drive my husband crazy with ones such as ‘You can not spend any…not even one cent on the first of the year because what you do on the first day is what you will be doing the rest of the year.’ FYI This Does Not hold true…I still spend money almost every day! I’m a quilter, stained glass artist, jewelry designer, need I say more?…..Anyway, I only made one batch because if I make more, I will eat more. Thing is, I made the this dough Sunday morning because I wanted to over-night them on Monday to my son for his birthday on Tues and to do so, I had to fry them first thing Monday morning.

It was 2:30 when I finally got in my sewing room (Sunday). A friend of ours needed his binding on his fleece blanket reattached. First I have to remove the ‘super glue’ he used to try and fix it.  I worked on fixing a T-towel with lemons I had embroidered. The thread I used was a little too light for me and you can’t see the lemons very well. I thread painted over some of the light thread with darker thread. I also started an Easter T-towel using my ‘mega hoop’ for the first time that I've had it for years and was thrilled that it worked! I will finish this towel up soon. 

I started my family’s Christmas gifts today. I am making everyone personal pillow cases. Because I got in on ‘SewCalGal’s linky Christmas Party, I needed to make a Christmas gift for this month so I started with my granddaughter Doodles’. Can you tell she’s a Bball player?  

Whew, nothing like being stressed out for Christmas so early in the season!  One pillowcase set finished, many more to do. 
I will someday (maybe soon) figure out how to get the button to link to SewCalGal's party, but in the mean time press on her post in my section of the sites I follow.
At 8:48 Sunday night and I checked the doughnuts and I think I killed them; they are not rising like they are supposed to. Maybe our house is too cold for them. I know our house does not like plants. Out of the 100+ I brought up with me when I moved here, I have 2 left. Maybe it doesn’t like doughnuts either. This probably is a good thing because I will not be eating as many, thus saving the calories for the day.
On Monday morning I got out of bed earlier then I usually do because I had to fry up the doughnuts….OH NO,,,they’re DEAD! I felt like a parent who has to run to the pet store to replace their child’s fish, so I ran to the store before work, picked up more ingredients I needed, and made TWICE as much batter…did a quick raise...checked with the overnight delivery store which said they closed at 6:30, costing around $15.00 for overnight shipping, fried them, packed up 27 doughnuts for my son, went to the package store to hear "The truck left already, we will send them out tomorrow." TOMORROW!!!! I need them there tomorrow!! They said to go up to the 'Hub'...on the other end of the city. I went in, asked for overnight delivery, they said $80.00 please, I said to myself..."I love you son, but you will just have to have your doughnuts a day after your birthday."


And my son's...

(But I still have ALL the rest...forget the diet….)  L

Monday, February 17, 2014

It WAS Monday!)&^^$#

Now I remember why I stopped blogging! I have been at this all day and I still haven’t done a lick of work!
I wrote my post this am around 10. It is now 2:45 and I am rewriting it because I inadvertently deleted it so hopefully I will remember some of what I wanted to tell you.
I FINALLY figured out I have to hit the text color button for words to show up! ( It is now 3:02), still don't know how to put my cursor where I want it and click. I have to use the curser arrows to move it. Hopefully will figure that out tomorrow.
Let me just say I am not an author and by all means I am not a photographer as you will be able to tell upon viewing my pictures I post.
I hope your Valentine’s Day was a good one. Mine was.
My mailman ordered a custom memorial disc for his wife. (Their daughter was in her early 20’s and she had a heart attack last year.) The first one I made was the wrong red, so I made a bowl out of it.
  It is now 3:14. See how much I got to stick onto this page in 12 minutes?
My quilt guild’s show is at the end of the month and I am entering 2 pieces. The small wall hanging was kitted by Auntie Ju’s; designed by Cheri. The small throw was a BOM offered by Primitive Gatherings. I had to redo the middle block because the background she sent was just a little too dark for my taste. I was happy to use some of the wool out of my stash. (4 LARGE totes worth! I got on a wool dying jag last year.)

Don't forget to check out the Linky Party hosted by Karen from Sew Many Ways.
I would do a spell check and all that other jazz, but I really would like to go home today. Thank goodness the boss doesn't see me spending all day on this, but I will peobably tell him at supper.
Whew only 5 1/2 hours!! yeah me!!!!!!
Have a great day! L

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Let the frustration begin!

Well, they say third time's the charm so I am going to attempt to blog again. I think it's been a year since I blogged; I have great difficultly figuring out HOW to blog, at least correctly. I do so many different crafts and things as I think you all do, and I would like to join in on the fun. I added the Sew Many Ways button to a 'linky party' Karen is hosting. Everyone join in! I also decided to get serious about my Etsy account. I will keep you posted on this venture.
 There are 11 items in my 'store'. YeeHaw---out of my way Mr. Wallyworld!