Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chicken Dinner!

Winner, Winner!
I won 2 fabulous prizes in the Grow Your Blog (which was so much fun.. you should consider doing it next year).
This was hosted by Vickie of  2Bags Full:

What a wonderful goodie holding caddy from

And these will definitely come in handy from Nanette from Australia!  I was thrilled with this because I know how expensive fabric is from Australia. When I was there years ago I paid around $32.00 a yard!
So much has transpired since last posting.
I am still moving.

Notice the not so happy helpers getting a load together for the dump? It is a sin all I threw away. Word of warning: If you are starting a business or have one, do not get things with the thought of ‘someday I will use this to make that’…it never happened in my world and now I am either throwing or giving it away. Have you ever moved hundreds of pieces of glass????
 I went crazy and ordered some thread from Superior. They are discontinuing a thread line and the price was right so I got a few:

Later all I will have to do is move hundreds of spools of thread!!!

This also came in the mail.
What a surprise to see my son on the cover of a calendar! (He’s the one on the left.) I am so proud of him!
In between packing to move Lar wanted to go skiing so we went the last day of winter. I was glad he talked me into it because I did have fun.

I was also able to finish 3 table toppers/runners to keep up with my OPAM.

I started them last year as a ‘teach’ for our quilt guild. (Remember I had volunteered to be quilt show chair but resigned due to a few not wanting to have the show changed from the way they wanted it run….)
Anyway, I was teaching all 2 members the 'quilt as you go' technique so they could

  1. Learn the technique and 2. Donate one project to be sold in our ‘Quilter’s Corner’.
I figure I would just keep these and use them or sell them. I am not donating anything!

This is just a few of the happenings since the last post. I am  still working on moving the studio into storage, still bidding on jobs being very selective as to what I am bidding on, and still working full time. This is leaving very little time to sew. Talk about stress!

Until next post have a great week!
Have the hiccups? Bite into a lemon slice or if you don’t have a lemon, drink a spoon of  ‘Real Lemon’ juice. Your hiccups will go away!


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Do you hear...

what I hear??? Oh no not Christmas, it's close to Easter so it should be Alleluia!

Remember this?:

The lamp I received as a gift eons ago, the lamp that got broken through all the moves I made over those eons, is finished!!! (Again, do you hear???)

I also fixed the very first piece I made all by my self after taking the beginner stained glass class. I took the class to learn how to put above lamp together and became a 'glassaholic'!

 There were 2 broken leaves. Thankfully my sister-in-law didn't like doing stained glass and gave me all her glass 30+ years ago that I kept and I was able to match the original glass.
Notice the bumpy's upside down!

Also you can not tell but there is no glass around the flowers and leaves because I did not know how to fit them I can fit 4 pieces of glass on a dime at one time!
Must tell you what Lar just had to do the other day..
The local frozen yogurt shop started carrying Lar's favorite brand of locally made ice cream and they were giving a free scoop to those who signed up on line. So we got in the car:
ordered at the shop:
 And no, they are not both mine - one is Lar's. In fact I gave him half of mine...I'm not real big on ice cream:
It was just too cold to enjoy it.

Hopefully I will be able to get some sewing done this week.
I started packing up the studio and have the guys coming next Sat. to help me move stuff to storage so I'm not sure how much sewing I will get to. I found so much junk while packing up!

Is it just me or did you already know something I learned this week??
Peppers are male and female!

  While I was chopping them this week, I checked it out and it seems true!

Have a great week.
D.G. L