Sunday, December 9, 2012

And the winner is...

So this week was strange and frustrating. I thought my husband was coming home next week so all the things I needed to do I had to hurry and do because he came home this week. I finished working on this years ornaments.
I made neck warmers for the quilt girls, the party was Friday.
You can't really tell what they are but they are made of fleece and button shut...yes I made the buttons.
Here would be a good time to say I am not a picture taker and the colors are not what I would prefer.
I got most of the measurements I need to start the church on Monday.
Had 2 Christmas parties on Friday. The first was with the quilt girls.

And this is the take....thanks girls....
Made from scratch  embroidered pillow cases, quilt decal, ornament, heat resistant thimbles, sugar cane racoon pencil, soap, ornament, clips, fabric pop and an oreo pop, candy and homemade bread!

And now, well about a moment ago my husband drew......
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Now I have to get ready for the week ahead.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ever... & a give-away

Ever have one of those weeks when it was hurry up to go nowhere?  That’s how I think of this past week. I couldn’t wait till this weekend and it’s already Sunday night! I really didn’t get much done this weekend, at least not what I wanted to get done. The plan for this weekend was leave early to get my hair done (my daughter-in-law does my hair and she lives 2 hours away.)  I got up late but managed to leave just 15 minutes late which meant I got to her house later then I wanted  (10:30), knowing she had to pick up my hair supplies because she was out, so I waited for her to get back. A while later my son asked what time I set up getting my hair done, I said 10, he said she said 9….it is now 12:30 and I'm still waiting. She calls, says she will be home shortly….finally at 1:30!!! (I had wanted to leave there at 2:00 because I had a lot of running I still had to do.) Needless to say I got my hair done and got to the cemetery just before dark to put the flowers on.
All was not lost though because I did get to spend time with my baby granddaughter who just turned 1 on the 15th of Nov. She is so precious…
So this week I did a window repair (no picture), a lamp repair,
tried to make a bowl which didn’t turn out, too many bubbles,
started the church I took some measurements on, still don’t have the finished sizes though and will have to call someone this week, made the arrangements, just to name a few things…but not all I wanted to do.
Today I got into the sewing room for a short while. I have been dreading making this one block I needed because I do not like Y seams.  A month or more ago our guild had Penny Haren: give a program on her “pieced appliqué “ technique. After thinking about the block I thought I could use her technique! It worked like a charm and I will definitely remember it. The sides are  a bit skimpy, but I can work those in. Check her out!

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