Monday, February 17, 2014

It WAS Monday!)&^^$#

Now I remember why I stopped blogging! I have been at this all day and I still haven’t done a lick of work!
I wrote my post this am around 10. It is now 2:45 and I am rewriting it because I inadvertently deleted it so hopefully I will remember some of what I wanted to tell you.
I FINALLY figured out I have to hit the text color button for words to show up! ( It is now 3:02), still don't know how to put my cursor where I want it and click. I have to use the curser arrows to move it. Hopefully will figure that out tomorrow.
Let me just say I am not an author and by all means I am not a photographer as you will be able to tell upon viewing my pictures I post.
I hope your Valentine’s Day was a good one. Mine was.
My mailman ordered a custom memorial disc for his wife. (Their daughter was in her early 20’s and she had a heart attack last year.) The first one I made was the wrong red, so I made a bowl out of it.
  It is now 3:14. See how much I got to stick onto this page in 12 minutes?
My quilt guild’s show is at the end of the month and I am entering 2 pieces. The small wall hanging was kitted by Auntie Ju’s; designed by Cheri. The small throw was a BOM offered by Primitive Gatherings. I had to redo the middle block because the background she sent was just a little too dark for my taste. I was happy to use some of the wool out of my stash. (4 LARGE totes worth! I got on a wool dying jag last year.)

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I would do a spell check and all that other jazz, but I really would like to go home today. Thank goodness the boss doesn't see me spending all day on this, but I will peobably tell him at supper.
Whew only 5 1/2 hours!! yeah me!!!!!!
Have a great day! L

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