Tuesday, May 20, 2014


For mother’s day, along with a motorcycle ride and dinner out I picked up a cold somewhere.
All last week I laid around and did most of nothing. I did manage to reverse sew the 120 blocks I had started for my pineapple quilt though. I also found out that the reason my blocks were not turning out is because the center square was not square and re-cut another batch. (Sorry still feeling not well so no pics.)

Monday I was able to really look at this job I have on my table. The piece is 8’ by 4’ and came out of our local library. 

A patron got angry for being told to leave the library, and on his way out decided to ‘head-but’ the panel.

 See all the little black marks? Those are some of the broken pieces. Has anyone heard of this Knight? I looked all over and couldn't find him. 
I must tell you I totally rebuilt this same panel 2 years ago….these knight’s are coming back to haunt me!!! I really did talk nice to them the first time….

I was feeling so poorly yesterday I went to the doctor. Turns out I have bronchitis. No wonder I didn’t feel good! And yes as luck would have it I get this right before my BIG birthday, Sat. I am still planning on going to Knoble's www.knoebels.com for the rides!

Today I met with another glass professional about a repair I have to do, see a previous post.

 I was explaining to him that the windows needed to be removed from the outside. He was shocked I had suggested that way of window removal stating “in my 40+ years of stained glass repair, I have never removed windows from the outside.” Let me just say I felt pretty good when after he looked at the windows he said "well I’ll be, I have never seen this before.” He did go onto say that the windows were made at the height of the stained glass movement BEFORE Tiffany, just at the beginning of the Victorian Age. (If you have the ability to zoom in you can see the slight squiggle lines in the 'sun bursts'.)

Now because I am feeling (like crap) pretty good about my removal method, and it is my birthday on Sat. I am having a giveaway! To win become a follower, and post a comment. As for my followers, just leave a comment. 
The winner will be chosen May 31st. Good Luck!
D. G. L



Brandie said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick, bronchitis is not at all fun! Feel better soon!
That is a beautiful stained glass panel. I can't believe someone would be so rude and uncaring to head butt it. Unbelievable!
Happy early Birthday!

Chookyblue...... said...

happy Birthday.......hope you are all better now............

LynCC said...

Hi, Lindi - I am so fascinated with your glass work! They must be so thankful to have you around to be able to repair the damage. And "Who Knew?" - that windows had to be removed from outside? I never would have guessed!