Saturday, February 7, 2015

Leave Me Alone!

I just can't get anything done from week to week.
Or do I just need to be left alone to do MY things??? I'm guessing this is the answer.....

It doesn’t seem as if I got anything done this week. I get a little annoyed with myself when I plan my week out; what projects I want to work on or finishes  (OPAM:, and even more annoyed when I have to stop and go somewhere I wasn’t planning on!
Monday was our anniversary and we were going to go out to eat. I thought dance class (Lar and I take ballroom dance lessons with other couples, then once a month we have a ‘party’) would be canceled because of the big snow storm forecasted, we could go eat and I could get home into my sewing room…but noooo, not enough snow to cancel. I overslept taking a nap which I rarely do, and we didn’t go out to eat. We went to dance and afterward went to MacD’s to eat at 9:30pm....ot like I have to get up early for work…..
Tues. we went to Cracker Barrel for our anniversary. It's very special to us because it its where I met Lar (in TN).  Just everything about that morning was so like Kismet!

Wed. I was able to start stitching my first BOM by Buttermilk Basin:

All the wool but the black and cream of the lamb; yes I shrank those myself, is hand dyed. I got on a dying kick last year; see past post, and now have boxes of the stuff I need to use up. It will probably last until I finish all the projects I want to do because I still have more to dye.
I am working on a mini by Gudrun Erla: (previous post). It took only 5 hours to sew together! That’s what I like - fast and easy! Hopefully I will show the end result soon as I have the idea for the quilting to work out.
Thurs. I straightened up the sewing room so I could get a lot done beginning Fri. and the weekend. Again NOOOO. We went to see ‘American Sniper’ with Lar's sister. War movies are not my thing. I have never watched ‘Platoon’ or any movie like that, it’s just too close to home. I had a brother that served and came back totally different, Lar’s brother was killed 2 weeks before he was to come home before Christmas, and I  have a lot of friends that are not the same.
It's just too bad I could not take my stitching along. The beginning 15-20 minutes and the last 10-15 minutes of the movie were really all they had to show, the rest of the film they could have left on the editing floor in my opinion.
Needless to say I did not get in my room Fri. night.
Today is Sat. I went to the studio for a little while. Got a little more work done on the lamp, which should already be finished, it is taking me way too long! I had to stop at noon because I had to go to a viewing. That was the end of my work week at the studio.
Last week
This week
And I gave my landlord notice???  Probably because it will MAKE me finish and pack,
what do you think???
I took these babies out of the kiln today:

Not sure yet if these are what I want to make as my ornament of the year. I keep thinking yes,
'The Lamb of God', but I have other ideas too. I will just have to think some more on it.
Look what was washed  with my whites! I put it in the wash basket so I would wash it with the jeans to shrink it. (took me 2 days to do 3 loads because of having to stop after starting....
again leave me alone!)
And such a pretty shade of red wool it is. You can not tell because of poor lighting.
And nothing turned pink? Must have been the bleach I used. Or was it the…
:a cup of white vinegar  added to the wash to help relieve even more static (see foil balls in previous post) but be careful, if you use too much in the darks I’ve noticed it can fade them.
Oh who are we kidding…I never use a measuring cup so it’s because I put too much in the wash…
dang, I must be more careful with that…

Have a great week.

D.G. L



Kathy said...

Ahhhhh, I love the little glass "sheepies", and I LOVE Buttermilk basin patterns, which means I should probably go make my sheep from that pattern line..... Have a good week! ☺

Sue G Johnson said...

Your BOM block is gorgeous! Your sheep are cuter than cute!!!