Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chicken Dinner!

Winner, Winner!
I won 2 fabulous prizes in the Grow Your Blog (which was so much fun.. you should consider doing it next year).
This was hosted by Vickie of  2Bags Full:

What a wonderful goodie holding caddy from

And these will definitely come in handy from Nanette from Australia!  I was thrilled with this because I know how expensive fabric is from Australia. When I was there years ago I paid around $32.00 a yard!
So much has transpired since last posting.
I am still moving.

Notice the not so happy helpers getting a load together for the dump? It is a sin all I threw away. Word of warning: If you are starting a business or have one, do not get things with the thought of ‘someday I will use this to make that’…it never happened in my world and now I am either throwing or giving it away. Have you ever moved hundreds of pieces of glass????
 I went crazy and ordered some thread from Superior. They are discontinuing a thread line and the price was right so I got a few:

Later all I will have to do is move hundreds of spools of thread!!!

This also came in the mail.
What a surprise to see my son on the cover of a calendar! (He’s the one on the left.) I am so proud of him!
In between packing to move Lar wanted to go skiing so we went the last day of winter. I was glad he talked me into it because I did have fun.

I was also able to finish 3 table toppers/runners to keep up with my OPAM.

I started them last year as a ‘teach’ for our quilt guild. (Remember I had volunteered to be quilt show chair but resigned due to a few not wanting to have the show changed from the way they wanted it run….)
Anyway, I was teaching all 2 members the 'quilt as you go' technique so they could

  1. Learn the technique and 2. Donate one project to be sold in our ‘Quilter’s Corner’.
I figure I would just keep these and use them or sell them. I am not donating anything!

This is just a few of the happenings since the last post. I am  still working on moving the studio into storage, still bidding on jobs being very selective as to what I am bidding on, and still working full time. This is leaving very little time to sew. Talk about stress!

Until next post have a great week!
Have the hiccups? Bite into a lemon slice or if you don’t have a lemon, drink a spoon of  ‘Real Lemon’ juice. Your hiccups will go away!



Marly said...

Stay calm and keep going - steadily. I would have great difficulty parting with all my supplies, so I admire your steadfastness.

Christine Barnsley said...

Congratulations on your giveaway prizes and very good luck with your move! I have moved many times.... the one good thing that comes from it every time is the de-cluttering of 'stuff'! Be brave!! :) x

Threadpainter said...

Pleased to see you won a couple of prizes ... I did, too ! I should definitely post them as you have done.
Hope your move goes fairly smoothly and bidding is successful !

~ Dixie said...

Nice gifts!
I love the table runners.