Sunday, October 4, 2015

Country vs. City

Where do city people think food comes from???

Last Fri. I had another interruption by having to go pick up apples my neighbor gathered for me. Every year I see these:
just thrown away so I got up my nerve and asked him if I could pick up the fallen apples. He said he throws out the ones that fall on the ground and that I could come and pick them up. Lar called, yes while I was sewing, and went to pick up the apples. Thankfully the neighbor had already picked up the apples and so I re-boxed them and brought them home.
While I was cleaning up the apples (Sunday) Lar said they looked spoiled….. I said ‘What do you think they put in the cans from the store?’ Really, need I ask?
Sunday we went to a car show.

While at the show I got a bowl of Haluski. Do you know the Haluski recipe? I’m sure it is not made with sauerkraut.
I see to use cabbage NOT sauerkraut.
 What a disappointment.


Finally at 2 o’clock  in the afternoon I started making applesauce. By 8:30 I had everything washed up and 29 pints of applesauce!

The neighbor also gave me these:

A while back Deby of hosted a surprise swap. I could not show you what I sent Sandy but I can now tell you I sent her a pincushion, an ornament and some other goodies. She made me a wonderful bag, sent some fabric, and other goodies. Thankyou Sandy!
I want to teach myself quilted feathers and thought this would be a good starter.
Does this ever happen to you? You take the time and effort to make something that’s supposed to be fast and easy (which it was.)
'School Bell Has Rung':
The more I looked at this the more I absolutely HATED the middle fabric choice so I ripped out the center and am working on putting another color in there.
Being facetious here: I LOVE Y seams.
After my practice piece I am planning on quilting feathers in this. I am not sure what to quilt in the stars though. Any thoughts?

*Reminder*: I am still taking guesses on the bobbins in previous post!
(I will be doing so until I trade them in at Hoover's.)

When adding up for my binding I hate having to take the time to find a pencil and paper. Because my Frixion pen is always handy I add the side measurements on my ironing board knowing they will disappear the next time I iron.
I find the  total and sew my binding together.



Marly said...

I think you could substitute sauerkraut for the cabbage, just reduce the salt you add to the other ingredients. You could also try adding your apple sauce if you have eaters unused to sauerkraut. That's how I introduced my children to it when they were young: I added a large chopped cooking apple to the sk and cooked them together.

Cherie said...

I am currently harvesting windfalls too. I am stewing and freezing apples but planning to make some apple sauce later this week.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I miss having apple trees.....we also had to share them with the deer. I love my Frixion pens too.