Saturday, March 12, 2016

Back and Forth, Back and Forth......

Where did the week go again?! If I am not careful it will be Christmas before I know it!

Oh I know, I had to go back and forth to the sewing machine dealer...only an hour away...
If you remember I had dropped my machine off to be fixed, I picked it up Wed.

I stopped at Verna’s and picked up some more fabric for the 365 Challenge. Hopefully I only need a little more shirting for the background.

Thursday the machine started having the same symptoms. I took it back to the dealer and stated very nicely either the machine is fixed when I leave or I will be walking out with a new one.
Surprisingly all it needed was a new bobbin case! All that frustration from the time I bought it in Sept. last year until now.....

I went to a retreat this week. I had a mini retreat because it started on Tues. and is over Sun. early evening.  I got there early evening Wed. and stayed until early evening Fri.
I am on vacation this week and did not want to spend all of it at a retreat. WHAT?!?!? Did I just put that in writing: I did NOT want to spend all of it at a retreat?
I will blame that remark on my evil Gemini twin. 
For the meal Wed. I made a veggie pizza from scratch. Well it was supposed to be a veggie pizza because I gave up meat Wed. and Fri. for Lent but half of it got ham. Sorry no pictures, I was too hungry to take any. Keep in mind there are only 3 women at this retreat, 2 others and me. There was a little less than half left and we started with a 16” pie. I should have brought the rest home because I venture to say the left over went to the dogs...
I was a little upset that the host knows I gave up meat for Lent but insists on adding some to my meal. (Everyone must bring or make an evening meal, except for the host.) Gggrrrrr…

Thurs. evening Ellen made a Rueben casserole (9" x 13"):

Now on to the good stuff - what was worked on:

Mel is making Judy Neimyer’s: Split Log Cabin.

She went into her stash and pulled out 80 different fabrics, some of the fabric is 20 years old. FINALLY she is starting to use her stash! It took her 3 days to cut all the pieces; 1,040 and it will be paper pieced at that. Why she is doing that particular pattern when she has 2 Log Cabin quilts is beyond me...
 Now you have to understand this is just one of her fabric collections:
left side

middle and right side

 And at the end of the month Ellen and her are taking a road trip down to Wytheville, Va. stopping at 13 shops planned so far.

Ellen is making what she titled ‘Red Toile’ because the book she picked up in 2008 had the quilt she wants to make on the cover in red. She is using blues with fabric she bought in 2009 for this quilt.

Of course she had to plan it out on paper first (as she always does).

Me, I started my granddaughter’s T-Shirt quilt. I have 5 blocks done so far.
(It is hard to get anything done when one has to run back and forth to the dealer for repairs…..)

I am also trimming up my cut off corners from my Snowball quilt I pieced years ago.

Mel has hers finished.

With her corners she made:

There were only 3 of us and this is the damage we did! YUMMMY!!!
The recipe for this Rueben Casserole can be found at:
Ellen used Jamon0126's recipe. (The host added extra rye bread, put the whole jar of dressing in, and added about twice the cheese.)
I personally always ask for my dressing on the side because I dip my Rueben sandwiches in the dressing so when I make this I will not add the dressing as the recipe calls for.
Have a great week!
D.G. L

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