Monday, April 14, 2014

I DIED, I mean I dyed Sunday!

Actually I am still alive.
I needed to match a piece of fabric Edyta Sitar of made in 2010. The line is Bon Voyage and it is the teal color. I am going to try and match it myself. I got the fabric as close as possible but without the really dark marks. I was trying to get those dark marks and that's when it got screwed up. First I had to keep pouring blue on the fabric because it kept coming out too green. So I have blue splotches but no really dark marks. I guess it’s back to the vat again…once more. 
 If anyone has a few yards they would like to sell me, contact me.


I tried this recipe Sunday and it was amazing:
Mix ½ cup mayo with ¼ cup Parmesan cheese. Slather on chicken (I used legs and thighs), sprinkle with bread crumbs. Bake at 425 - the recipe said 20minutes, it took 1 hour for mine. The chicken was so unbelievably moist. (This is a Hellman's recipe but I used a different mayo.)

 Monday morning I spent a few hours finishing cleaning out my closest (so I can fill it up again) NOOOO!! ) I was on a site the other day and she is doing a 40 bags in 40 days (I am so sorry I don’t remember which site) but it lit a fire under me so I’m  trying to get my own 40 bags full. No I am not doing it in 40 days….too much stress, I’d have to just put the dumpster in front of the door and start tossing. I am putting out 2 bags for Tate tonight though. I posted a few things on Ebay but doesn’t look like they are selling so I will start filling another bag.
Last week I was having a give away to anyone who became a follower and/or left a comment. You can still become a follower…please I’m begging you…I got one new follower…Yeah!!!...but she is so busy she doesn’t want any more patterns. So I will have to give them as Christmas gifts or put them in a bag I guess. If you see any you would like, please contact me.
Friday morning Lar and I went to a ‘car show’ in Englishtown, (see the story at the end of this post). I saw VERY few cars, not like a regular car show, but here are some pics:

Lar must be warming up a little, I pointed at this and he thought it was a large speaker…we got a laugh at it, finally! It had been a very quiet morning.

There was a lot of junk (And even a real speaker.)

This is more my speed and no I didn't take advantage.

This is also my speed and I no didn't get to try one of these either:

And I'm sure this girl had enough!
You see all kinds of things at these meets...

I hope I have found the fabric for that pineapple border. I really like this:

This is the story of what happened before Lar and I got on the road to N.J. Friday morning, sorry it's a little long:

Let me start with an apology first. This is a long tirade, but I have to vent. (I am writing this section as we are driving to N.J.)
Two weeks ago I mentioned to my husband (Lar) to call his son in N.J. to see if we could come down to visit him and his girlfriend who are both having birthdays next week. After talking to his son his response was “Joe is in a tournament.” I just thought that meant we would have to go another time…(silly me).
I get home from work Thursday and Lars says “Joe wants to know what time we are getting there tomorrow.” What?!? I didn’t order the glass at the distributor to pick up, they request 24 hrs. prior to pick up, nothing is together, I don’t have a book downloaded, I have to go tonight to pick up fabric my friend got for me, just sooo much to do!
Friday morning before we left I had to call the dentist to make a root canal appointment for Lar, call for glass and see if I can pick up supplies, do the book, AND answer my emails because I cannot do them on the road. Lar is asking me all kinds of questions: did you pack this, do you have that, did you call…while I am trying to concentrate on MY stuff.
One of his requests is that I take my computer along for the maps and I said sure. As I am getting ready to walk out the door he say’s ‘Aren’t you taking your computer?’ I said I have my tablet. He says does it have the maps? (I did get a little huffy), got my computer, and that’s when it was…DADADA…The end of the world.
He says ‘If you’re going to be that way I’m not going!’, takes his suitcase out of the car, I go after him and persuade him to put the bag back in the car, he does, I shut the door…and LOCKED  BOTH our key sets in the house! I thought he had all the things in the car because he was in such a hurry. He says “Do you have the keys?” I say ‘No’, Why would I have keys?, you’re driving. I thought he’d stroke out right then and there. Hasn’t he learned yet he’s married to me??? I didn’t see it as such a big deal. Have you ever heard of locksmiths?
That’s what, 3 yards of fabric?? (Everything is compared to fabric prices.)  Needless to say it was a VERY quiet drive to N.J.!

AND, Joe was the only person that had (notice I said had, extra copies are being made and placed/given out all over) an extra key, what are the chances, someone that lives 150 miles away we just happen to be visiting!
 D.G. L

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Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Hi Lindi -- thanks for stopping by the blog earlier for the giveaway -- and it's fun to have a new follower!! I was checking out your posts and saw the Edyta Sitar fabric that you're trying to mock -- you are one talented girl... In case you're still not happy with what you created have you tried searching on ? If you know the line you're looking for you can put that in their search engine and it searches thousands of shops for you. Best of luck on finding it. Welcome aboard and good luck in the giveaway. Hugs, Karen