Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The more things change, the more they stay the same?

If you notice, I added a linky button on the right. It's for EQ7. (Says picture will be displayed, but I think you can still press on it.) Even if you do not have this program you should follow the linky party. You can get a ton of great ideas! (And maybe win something too.)
Also, press on the other linky party hosted by Sew Many Ways!

I am on a mission to try and get those 40 bags, though I will settle for 10-20 in maybe 6 months not days. (I am such a hoarder but trust me, that show really helps me!) No I hope I'm not that bad...although if you ask Lar, he'd insist I am.

I came in to work today and my mission was to clean off the back table:

It's really hard to tell but I do have stuff on shelves behind and beside this table.
Should I be embarrassed or ashamed???

I started with these snowflakes (didn't turn out) I was making as gifts last Christmas before my kiln temporarily died.  OH NO NOT MORE DYING! (It is back to life.)

I thought I can't just throw all this glass away so I decided to set them aside and use them to pot melt, (a stained glass technique). I started cutting the wire hooks off each snowflake and happened to remember that I used 2 different glass companies. Oh fudge, so into the garbage, hey it's helping with the 40 bag thing:
After I finished with the snowflakes, did I mention all the hours and hours to set them all up?, I started feeling pretty good about letting go of junk.
I opened a box and found:

NO it HAS NOT been that long since I straightened up, I said I found this paper in a box!
Maybe things do stay the same:

No they don't:

Do you think this is sanitary?:

 Hope this wasn't at the same hospital.....

So after hours of throwing, yes there actually is a lot in that yellow bag....:

After the table was finished I decided to make (if it turns out) something. Can you guess what it will be???

 D.G.  L


Brandie said...

There are a few fun papers in that pile, some not so much.
I'm going to guess it's going to be an egg plate?

Carrie P. said...

OH, those snowflakes are so neat. Those newspaper articles made me smile. Those are some old ones.