Sunday, April 26, 2015


how the chapters in our lives change.
It has been what seems like a long time since I posted. I will not try to bore you with all the things that I have been up to, hopefully just a semi quick recap.
Easter came and went. Was upset we didn’t get to go to church because Lar was sick and wasn’t having company to use this:

I finally closed the shop last Sunday and moved just a few things to the house:
Organ was there (haha)
Before I started shampooing the carpet at the shop (because I had to wait till 1:30 to pick up the shampooer) my friend and I went to see the ‘Dear Jane’s’ exhibit at the local Taber Museum in Williamsport. This group of women (one of which is a local designer Judith Youngman) started by getting together and quilting much like my BS group! I was able to get so much inspiration from these ladies. The cradle in the picture is dated 1850.
so we can do this one with the 'scraps'
Think we are starting with this one



In cradle.

I like the red one at top.
So in order last weekend: I went to a quilt show, started shampooing carpet, got up Sun. and finished shampooing carpet, than last minute Lar wanted to go to an Indian artifact speech.
WHAT no sewing again?!?
 It was very uninteresting because the speaker could not give a comprehensive speech. The only saving grace to this time was afterward we got to go through the Montoursville Museum. I was pleasantly surprised by:

I was able to finish the 'Stars and Stripes' quilt that our BS group made ‘kits’ of at our 2011 fall quilt retreat. We went to Verna’s and bought all the fabric to piece the top for 6 ‘kits’. Came back to Mel’s and spent the rest of the day cutting and packaging. I think I am the third one to finish. I quilted this on my home machine and sewed 13 stars in the quilting. I didn't notice until it was finished that when I took a picture that I do not like that bottom piece of fabric. Next time I will try and look through my view finder before I sew it together to see if everything is where it is supposed to be.
Oh well, no one will notice it driving past my house looking in the window going 60mpg.
When I start my pineapple quilt I am thinking of sewing pineapples in the quilting. What do you all think?
Lar went to the spring Carlisle spring car show and came home with this toy:
See the little red and blue lighter thingy in the left top corner? It's a baby drone.

I have one more week of work before I am off for about 2 months. Since I have literally had no time to clean for a very long time I decided to start my house cleaning. I started with the ‘recipe’ cupboard which took 4 hours! (I didn’t expect that amount of time) I went through all the recipes I had ripped out of magazines, newspapers, hand scribbled ones from friends, etc. and looked at the dates. (Sorry no before picture, still ashamed of what the mess that came out of the cupboard looks like.) I had magazines that were not reopened since I got them from 2002! (Yes I did some cleaning since 2002) I sorted everything making piles of to recycle, to file, and to try.
All came out of cupboard, what a shame.
4 hours later!
I did try a ham and pasta recipe I found in the 'to try' pile which I altered a bit because Lar can’t eat garlic or onions:
To the cooked pasta (I used penne) I sautéed ham, tomatoes, peas, basil, lemon juice, and capers. It was so good I will definitely be making this again!
Are you tired of your bananas ripening before your ready to eat them? I was tired of freezing my bananas because they ripened so fast and saw this on ‘How to keep bananas fresh.’  I tried it and it does work. If you can’t eat a bunch of bananas when you buy them, break apart and wrap the ‘stem part’ with plastic wrap. The bananas stay longer!
Have a great week!
D.G. L

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