Sunday, June 14, 2015

Starting To UFO Bust!

I have been off of work for 1 ½ months now and am not liking it on one hand but on the other it is great! I have my evaluation meeting this Tuesday so wish me luck on keeping my hours and position.
I started pulling out my old…really old UFOs some of which I forgot I had...

Do you know what this is?
 It is called a locker hook (see it printed on the package?) and you ‘weave’ a string through a strip of fabric pulled up through a mesh background. I know sounds confusing but it is easy and oh so mindless. If you have a lot of idle time on your hands OK but if not DO NOT BUY/GET THIS! I started a small floor mat (35” x 25”)  about 4-5 years ago and finally finished it. When I started it I even had the thought of making it a little larger. Thank goodness I didn’t. Every time Lar walked past me as I was working on it he would say something like ‘You know you can buy those at the bargain store for a few bucks’, or ‘You know they have machines that make those and sell them in stores.’ I replied with ‘I started it and I have to finish it!’ Notice I used the word have? I want to know who brain washed me into thinking I had to finish it?!?
(Notice date of signature:)
That's when I started this:
I bought the fabric (hand dyed cotton) because I liked what Glenda Sha of Liberty Homestead designed. No it did not take a picture of the finished design and no I did not buy the pattern, silly me. Now I'm not sure what it really looked like so I am just making something up as I go. I will post pic when finished and no I am not waiting another 5 years! It had better be finished by next week!

A little sneak peek that is a relatively new UFO.
I started it last April and now all  I have to do is sew the binding down, clean it up, and slap a label on it.
Did I guesstimate thread close enough?
This is a pin cushion from the webinar mentioned in a previous post that was given by Margaret Moorehead. (BS'ers close your eyes.) Let’s just say I am starting to make this year’s Christmas gifts.
I finally put my tomato plants in the ground and am hoping to be eating fresh off the vine tomatoes before August. Hopefully all the plant food I am giving them will help. I also put some pepper plants, dill, and melons in the ground. Planted some herbs but have to go back to the store for the lettuce, spinach, and kale I forgot! Too many things to do on my mind I guess.
I also forgot the peat moss I needed for this:

I hope it turns out….
My house does not like plants or is it my plants do not like my house? Either way I only have 2 plants left out of the 100+ plants I had when I moved up from TN.
The small one (in center) is a ‘Christ In A Manger’ and the other is a ‘Mother In Law's Tongue’ (on right). The later plant was my mother’s and she passed away in 1995 so you know I have to baby it. The ‘Christ In A Manger’ plant is very interesting. It looked totally dead years ago when I was still in Tn. I put it outside to throw it away. Months later when I went to clean up the pots to reuse them,
lo and behold it was alive! It was a miracle!
The planter I received as a gift from Lar some time back and I brought it home from the studio. Guess that’s why it looks so good yet, the house hasn’t had time to kill it…

I saw this on the Penn State Master Gardener's site and thought it was a great idea.
They  said to use diapers and take the crystals out of them but I thought these 'jewels' were less expensive.
 I had a 50% off coupon and paid a little less then $2.50!
I could not find the post I saw this on originally but looked up water retention and found the same idea at:  Once there look up crystal, soil, polymer, water retention.
Maybe this is the trick I need for my house plants so I am giving it a try. I also put the jewels in the soil for all the other planting I did but I just sprinkled the jewels on the ground and worked them into the soil. I did not rehydrate them first.

Have a great week!

D.G. L


Christine Barnsley said...

Hi Lindi! Looks like you have been busy with some fun projects while you have been off work! Hope all goes well for you! :) x

Cheryl said...

I really like the rug, it looks very fun and scrappy. It took a long time but you will be very happy to use it now that it is finished.

Rachaeldaisy said...

All those projects will keep you busy and fill your days with colour!!

Wen Sylvestre said...

Lol, oh dear ufo's, we all got them I suppose. I'm happy to see you're determined to finish them, it inspires me to do so as well :) I love your rug, it's WAY better to have a home made beauty than to buy a few-bucks-one. It just doesn't have the same feel to it, does it? Thank you so much for your sweet visits Lindi, wishing you a happy day and lots of joy when of when not finishing your ufo's! xxx Wen

Marly said...

I like your rug; I always get bored with such projects after about fifteen minutes; it's all so repetitive. I've got one I started 30 year ago, yes, THIRTY YEARS AGO! and it still only measures about 30" x 6". You've beaten me to a completion. Well done!

Lynn - JnL4God said...

I know the feeling on the UFO's it's amazing how many I have ... Some are UFO's and Some are just Patterns and kits I wanted to do. I like your flag - I have a project I need to do using Red, White and Blue - If you don't mind I think I'll incorporate a yo yo flag, that is awesome.
Have a great day, Lynn

Barb said...

sometimes it is nice to just do it yourself and know that you made it with your own hands...besides those in the store have no history....Great going