Saturday, June 6, 2015

Zippy How To

Good Morning! I had a jammed packed week again.
A recent customer called and said the fish panel I designed for her had to have hooks put on because she wanted to 'install' it over her sink. First I'm thinking she gave me the measurements and I made it to the size she told me the opening of the fascia would be. Then I'm thinking "hooks"? I didn't allow for hooks to be attached! The carpenter installs the panel from the back of the fascia into the opening using brads, easy peasy!
So I went to see what she was talking about. You will notice there is NO OPENING!
OK so it's open at the bottom but the panel was not designed to hang it was meant to 'sit', to have support on the bottom of the panel. If it hangs eventually the panel would start sagging for lack of support.
Now what to do??? I brought it home, soldered wires (multiple) to the back of the panel and she will have to wrap the wires around screws she puts up there somewhere.
I have been working on a 'by the month' quilt given by Karen Walker: for a few months. She is doing a ‘by the month’ tutorial on different techniques and skills and I thought this would be a great learning piece. It sews up really fast and easily and it’s not too late for you to join in before the bell rings for summer vacation! (She named the piece "School Bell Has Rung".) I am not liking the fabric choice I made in the center, the greenish teal around the purple. I auditioned the two fabrics (at bottom of picture) and chose the one on the right for the border.
 I would love to rip out the center and put something else there but I keep telling myself I need to be learning how to quilt proficiently not reverse sew. I already know how to do that! 

Did you know you can make bread in your Crockpot?!?
I make a lot of things in mine, but did not know about the bread. I tried it and it really works! I like it better then baking it in the oven because this method is moister and the bread stays moist. When I bake the bread in the oven it seems to be dry by the next day. One little hint though. Make sure you have your thermometer on F not C. I kept waiting for 200° and after 2 hours noticed that my thermometer was set on C. Thankfully it was the perfect timing for the bread to be done. YUMMMY!!!!
****(Make sure to put water in the bottom of your crockpot so it does not crack from getting too hot. Put a bowl or something on bottom to set your bread pan on.)
For a while now I kept getting a gunk build up on my iron’s sole plate.
I cleaned the iron out with vinegar thinking it was the water I filled it with. I scraped the gunk off with a knife because nothing; and I mean nothing, would take it off! (I tried a scouring pad, more vinegar, vinegar and salt, a Mr. Clean eraser just to name a few ways.) I just couldn’t figure out why this build up was happening causing my iron to stick to the fabric. One day while I was complaining to Lar about this he asked me if it could be the spray starch. Of course right away I said ‘No’ I’ve been starching with a great product for years!
As an afterthought (and when Lar walked away) I sprayed a spot of starch on a towel and set my iron on that spot. WHAT?!?! There was a gunk spot on my iron!!! How did Lar know that the starch was causing the build up??? Does anyone out there know if there is a ‘shelf life’ on Best Press? I use this brand because I like to starch my fabrics before I cut them and like the smell. I am very leery to use this brand anymore because it takes too long to clean my sole plate
I have a large sage bush and knew it was time to trim it. My son has a fire pit and he and his friends love to sit out at night by it. They do not like the bugs however so I made him these.
I tied a bunch in bundles, cut them and now all he has to do is throw a tied bundle on the fire and the bugs will be deterred.
I absolutely love ‘zippy bags’! They make such wonderful gifts for all occasions!
I have these in my purse.
I make them in all different sizes for my suitcase: shoes, makeup, jewelry, for my purse: all sorts of purse stuff…so when a friend asked me to make something for her for as a baby gift I thought of these right away! ( I call them ‘zippy bags’ because they zip and you can make them in a zip.)

Here is a step by step ‘how to’ the way I make these bags:

Start with 2 pieces of fabric, one is your fashion fabric the other is the lining.
Usually I use muslin (inexpensive) for the lining but because these bags were for babies (twins) I lined them with vinyl. (If you are unsure as to what size to make your ‘zippy’ start with fabrics measuring 8” x 16". After you make your first one you will have the technique and then you can make whatever size.)
After cutting out both pieces of fabric the same measurements I use 505 Spray to ‘glue’ the wrong sides together to make 'one piece of fabric'. If you want you can quilt them together or sew them together, just so you end up with 'one piece of fabric'.
Open up your zipper, place it down on the right side of the fashion fabric (right sides together), pin in place then sew to the top of your bag. (Use the general sewing directions for zippers.)
It does not matter how long the zipper is  as long as it is longer than the fabric, you will be cutting the excess off.
Now sew the other half of the zipper to the other top (or bottom if you choose to call it that) of the bag, making sure to close the zipper to line up everything. Pin in place.  Reopen the zipper. (Don’t forget you have to turn down the edge so you will sew the zipper face down to the right side of the fashion fabric, right sides together.)
Notice how I just 'met' the top and bottom.
Sew in place.
Top stitch zipper.
Close zipper.
Decide where you want the opening to be. This can be at the top, not on the top, in the middle, on the back, anywhere.  (No, your fabric will not change colors when you do this, I forgot to take pictures of the pink one before I sewed the first side.)
Mark “the top fold” with a pin and turn so that the wrong side is out (You will be sewing the right sides together).
Sew a ½” seam on one side.
I sew back and forth over zipper.
Measure to make sure the zipper is even on both sides. Pin.
Make sure to open zipper.
Sew other side.
Clip corners. Cut extra zipper length off.
Turn bag right side out.
Of course I just bought 10 yards of zippers about 2 weeks ago but not a one white, pink, or light blue.
I buy them for $1.00 a yard and cut them to whatever size my 'zippy' is.
Do you get aggravated by your thread coming off your bobbin instead of winding onto your bobbin?
I string the thread around the bobbin once then hold ‘the tail’ down with my finger. I then turn my ‘bobbin starter’ on with my free hand, remove my finger, and no more unraveled non wound bobbins!
Have a great Week!
D.G. L


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow / Sacred Eclectic said...

Oh my you have a LOT going on here! Quite the talented lady..I'd have been lost at what to do about the hooks! :)

Barb said...

Such an informative post...I never knew you could cook break in a crock pot....awesome... Your bags are are one creative person.

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