Sunday, September 20, 2015

He's Baaaack!

Jack The Ripper that is!
I know  it's not Halloween but he didn’t have to visit me!
You can find (I named him Jack) the pattern here: whimsical mini Halloween quilt

I started this at my spring retreat and pulled it out the other day to work on getting it finished.

One of these things is not like the other one:
This is the pattern picture. Even with the diamond on the wrong side on my quilt which I could have lived with, I added the bottom 2 rows to the side....
(Too tired, having too much fun, or was it
on post 'Back to Reality', 7/12) 

(I'm beginning to think I do more reverse sewing then actual sewing! Not really, how else would I have any finishes?)

I am not a big fan of Halloween but Lar is. To try out my new machine’s embroidery option my friend gave me towel patterns. I thought this would be a nice design for that specific day.

I will have to name him after he's washed and pressed. Any suggestions?
We went to a few car shows yesterday and at one of them you could buy a chance for $50.00 to win one of these:

I sure wanted the car but was not willing to give up the money. That’s like a new presser foot I need or a few yards of fabric!
Now if someone gave me one of these I’d take it!

The cars look similar but there is about a $30,000 difference and quite a bit more horsepower! Just think of all the presser feet and fabric I could get with that amount of difference!
Speaking of winning, I did win a gift certificate to 'The Fat Quarter Shop' from Marian at:
Seams To Be Sew:   Tell her I said for you to stop by!
I will show you my goodies when they get here.

I canned 2 pints of diced tomatoes and 2 pints of peppers from my big harvest this week.

Last post I showed you my RBR Experience. This row had thin fabric strips that represented the waves of the water.

When I cut the pieces out I thought I would ‘save a step’ and just quilt the waves down. BIG mistake! Do not skip this step!!
My tip this week is to apply some sort of fusible adhesive such as Heat n Bond Lite, Wonderunder, or whatever your liking to your pieces and set them as per instructions Before you do your quilting.
I had to go back over all the waves and stitch them down.

Have a great week.
D.G. L


StitchinByTheLake said...

Jack the cute! Blessings, marlene

Sharon - IN said...

Oh my goodness, you are a hoot! Jack the Ripper. Mummy face, cars over fabric! I do like your version of the diamond quilt, and Angry Orchard is always fine by me!