Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!
I am reading several of my blogs and am noticing a lot of bloggers I follow are making resolutions and goals for this coming year.
This is not me! My mind just does not work that way, never did-never will. I am more of the spare of the moment, ‘Oh I need a gift….tomorrow’, last minute person.
This drives Larry crazy at times….for better or worse….
As my followers have noticed I am not consistent enough to make a list let alone stick to it!
(However a great example of a goal oriented list maker
is Beth:

In the last 2 months – wow it has been a time – I won a book from Anna:

and a pattern designed by Ronene: offered in a
give  away by Doris:

I made a cute slouchy top using a free pattern designed by Autumn:
Her site is a great one to follow.
This year’s ornaments in glass were wreaths. When I was putting the ribbons on the ornaments, I notice the original price of the ribbon was 19 cents a yard! I bought the spool which was about half full at a close out sale years ago. I think I paid a whole dollar for it!

For my close friends I also embroidered T-towels and made cute pincushions.

My friend and I went to a different quilt guild in Oct. It was a nice guild but way too far away. This picture is a sampling of one person's work.

My son and family came up from TN for Christmas. Nice few days, just too short of a visit.

I did not see my youngest granddaughter (and son) but I sent her presents from Santa along with my older son as he and family were spending the day with them.


This tip is again a rather ‘elementary' one.
Very often I sit down to check my emails, Facebook, Blogs I follow, and Pinterest. I look up at the time and WHAT?!? Where did it go????

I wanted to get in the sewing room and it’s way too late to think about starting anything!!!!!!
So this year I will be setting an alarm so time does NOT get away from me.

Why didn’t I do that last year? I might have gotten more projects done…..

Have a great week!
D.G. L


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, You had a lot to share! That alarm will probably work for you. Do you have an alarm that actually works? Or will you use your phone. Off topic for sure, but I have been looking for a new kitchen timer. Have taken several back that are, shall I say...crap. I have even set them in the store while I shop to see how well they work...more crap. I think I should be able to find a timer for $10 or less that actually works. Well that was a bit of a rant on YOUR blog. Have a great day and New Year.
xx, Carol said...

I want to thank you for following me. I do have a lot planned for this year and hopefully will be able to follow through with at least most of them. Keep following! Happy New Year! L

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Ha! i totally love that I'm not the only one who sits down at my computer to do a few things and ends up losing a whole day of sewing! I followed you here from Whoomp There It is based on the photo. I thought it was a quilt! lol Would make an awesome one though...but I don't need to add to my list of projects!

Looks like your new year is off to a good start. Good luck on your WIPs!