Sunday, January 24, 2016




I have found out the hard way - do not wait until the end of the week to ‘catch up’ on the blocks in the 365 Challenge:
Finally got caught up on Sunday afternoon.


I have learned I have to take a half hour every day to cut out and sew that day’s block.

If you have not checked out Deb Tucker: you should. She designs amazing rulers  like thus one I started with. It is the ‘Tucker Trimmer’.  The whole dot is for squaring up blocks that are whole numbers and the half dot is for squaring up the half number blocks. Check out her site as there are many more rulers that save you a ton of time!

Just see how this ruler helps me trim up my block perfectly.

To save time cutting your HST apart, line them up overlapping a little on the ends.
Lay your ruler over the cut line (as much as your ruler will cover) and make one cut.
I had a bunch of HSTs cut in no time!
 A litte hint:  I do not stack the squares on top of each other in case any shift.

Have a great week!

D.G. L

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is an interesting post for me. I don't make precision quilts because I am not that great with little piecing perfection. I can see it really must be all about having the proper tools and the knowledge of how to use them!!
xx, Carol