Sunday, February 28, 2016

I Thought

 I would be:
but a few weeks ago I picked up a case of tortillas and twisted at the same time.
This happened:
and am now not feeling 'Forever 18', more like 118!
All I have been doing is sitting in a chair after work on a heating pad. It seems to be helping and hopefully by next week I will feel like getting back in the sewing room.
I had better because I have a week off for spring break (3/5-13) and do not feel like sitting on a heating pad!
Have a great week!
D.G. L

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Brandie said...

Been there and done that, well in my case I sneezed. In Physical therapy (first time) I learned to strengthen my core and stretch my sciatica nerve (?). Look online for exercises. The second thing I went to Physical therapy they used an ultrasound machine on me, so I bought a home unit for $50 and I love it!
Good luck and take it easy but don't not move.