Sunday, February 7, 2016

…Not Fun Anymore

Have you ever started a project and while working on it you become so stressed the project was more of a chore to do then when you started it? I started the 365 Challenge (See previous post) with exhilaration thinking by the end of the year I would have another new quilt. What’s a block a day?!?!  It didn’t take me long to find out how difficult it is to make a block a day.
If you remember I had a box of ‘like’ fabric and wanted to use it up so I thought this would be a great place for it. I am finding out I still need more fabric! What?!?! More fabric…..NNNNOOOO I am trying to get RID of fabric, not buy more!
Not only that but it is taking just about all my time to make a block a day. I have so many other projects I am working on and was becoming stressed for not being able to work on that day’s block and nothing else that I decided to put this particular 365 Challenge on the back burner…..the way, way back burner. I feel like such a quitter but I have to be realistic and set better goals for my life. For now I am still saving the pattern of the day in case I want to really do this quilt but I will not be stressed about it.

So my goal for Feb. is to finish quilting the ‘Star Cakes’ quilt I pieced together last year. I purchased a layer cake about 5-6 years ago in burgundies, browns, creams and greens designed by Lynn Hagmeier:
Obviously at that time I was into dark fabrics. I decided to use it and added some background fabric. The quilt went together sooo fast but the quilting is taking forever because I cannot decide on a design I like.
To give you an idea of what  the  'Star Cakes' pattern is here is a clip of a friend's:


I am loving making tops with the free pattern by Autumn:
My favorite so far is the dots and stripes.

After I purchased that fabric I noticed it was reversible so I used both sides! I still have more to make a dot top. If I were to make one with the stripes I would have people getting dizzy like:


That’s how hard the striped fabric is to look at!
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This tip is from:   
To wash your bra put your bra in a salad spinner, add some water, baby soap and spin!  
Have a great week!
D.G. L




Karen in Breezy Point said...

Haha--I'm not sure my hubby would appreciate me washing underwear in the salad spinner--I would have to do it when he's not around. I'm also doing the 365 Challenge and so far have been keeping up. There have been times that I accumulate several blocks and do them all at once, but usually it's a daily thing. I've fallen out of love with projects (like the 1718 Sampler quilt) and have set them aside. If it's not fun anymore, let it go!

quiltmusings said...

I came across the 365 Project a bit late and thought seriously about joining it. I love the block and the idea of using fabrics I love (or ones I want to get rid of lol)...but in the end I thought there was too much happening to commit, so I fully understand your decision to put that project on the back burner. I have a few projects that have gotten put on the back burner, and I am surprised how often when I take them out years later, I get re-inspired. Maybe that will happen to you at some point. Good luck on all the other projects!

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