Friday, January 2, 2015


WOW it's been a long time since I posted and no, I still had as much stress, just a different kind instead of computer stress. (I get frustrated with the computer and how I have to use this blog formatting system.) A lot has happened since then and I will try not to bore you with the details, just give you some of the highlights.
The biggest thing to happen is my husband retired which meant I had to go back to work for the insurance. I got a full time position in the cafeteria of a local college cooking omelets in the morning and whatever is on the menu for the day at lunch (fried rice, grit bar, ice cream sandwich, etc.)...full benefits, all the food I want (as if I really need that and it makes it very hard for me to come home and cook supper), and a coat they launder, to name a few of the perks. The pay however SUCKS! Work like a dog for a bone with no meat on it. I could have cried when I saw my first check; did they forget to add the coma and zeros onto it?
Because I got a full time job, I am forced to close the stained glass shop. It is a blessing and a curse.
My lead level is very high, my hands (and body) don't work like they used to, I lost 3 glass jobs in 2 weeks and have no prospects for any big work just little repairs. I have to pack up the shop and am so tempted to pull up the trailer and throw everything on it and take it to the dump. This would save a lot of time and thought as to where to store the stuff. I have been doing glass for over 30 years and have accumulated a LOT OF JUNK!!!! Before I start to throw though I am having a 50% sale, then I will start throwing.
We went to TN for Christmas. My 70 year old cousin had never been and she wanted to see my son and family so I we took her along.

Christmas night she started getting so sick we had to take her to the walk in clinic to get some meds. She in turn gave it to my husband. Needless to say, we came home early and Lar is still sick. He went to the clinic up here and hopefully will not have to get more medicine. While there I was very proud of my granddaughter. She did a lot of the baking and helped with the cooking.

My grandson is his father made over, that apple did not fall far from the tree.
I got some upsetting news about the youngest son. They will be getting divorced. He has had it with her yelling. I am very worried for my Jellie, she just turned 3 in Nov. My son seems to think if he leaves now before she gets older it will be easier on the adjustment.

My tip for this post is:
Such a simple thing but I didn't realize this until I was putting away my pastry brush. I make my own bread and always brush the tops with butter to have soft bread. I put the brush in the dishwasher to clean. When I took it out of the dishwasher I noticed a little blackness in the bristles. OMG! It was starting to get moldy! SO my tip to you is to bleach your brushes every now and again to stop that from happening.

Wishing everyone a very Blessed and Happy New Year!
D.G. L


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Rachaeldaisy said...

Gosh you've had a lot of things happen in your life, no wonder you haven't being doing much blogging. I'm sure some good things will come from these rocky times.