Friday, January 9, 2015

My first finish(es) for the year!

I finished 2 throws I had started as an on line 'class' last summer! Yeah!!!! I signed up for a Summer Camp given by Gyleen Fitzgerald:

(Both backings for these throws look very similar, in fact when I wrote the 'label' on the blocks they were positioned the same.)

I learned I am not too thrilled with doing a mystery quilt because (after the fact) I like to see what pattern I am making before I put all that work into it. On top of things, I made 2 because when I cut out the first one I didn't care too much for the color of the center block, not pizzazzy enough, so I cut out another one. However, this will work  because I have 2 sons and I will give the each one a throw for their cars as Christmas gifts. If I get the gumption, I will make some sort of case for them. I usually make the throw into a 'Quillow' but did not feel like doing that this time. I might change my mind, I have a little time yet...

How many times has this happened to you? You would think by now I would not do this, but every once in a while it happens to me. I am quilting along and notice I have run out of backing!!! Thankfully this throw is meant to be used: grass, dirt, football game bleacher padding, etc., so I was not upset. I just sewed extra fabric where needed and kept on quilting.
This only happened on one of the throws as I made sure the second one was positioned properly!

See the extra blue on bottom left?

I have been repairing a stained glass lampshade at the shop. I want to fix it before I close...hopefully in two months...It is the same lamp my brother gave to me as a kit 30+ years ago; a Christmas gift, and through all my moves it got damaged. I boxed it up the last time I moved and intended to fix it 'someday'. Well that 'someday' is now. (Pictures will be forthcoming.)
Theory: the longer it takes to close the shop, the more I have to pay in rent.
I start back to work Monday. Honestly I am excited to go back to work after being off a month. It seems the days fly by when I am there and in no time it will be Christmas! (Good thing I started on my Christmas gifts....)

   Again such an easy thing, but it took me a while until I finally started putting a cover over my drinks! I was shocked to see what I had been consuming and if you are not putting some sort of lid on your drinks, you are ingesting something similar....

No, this is not meant to be a Fuzzy Navel!

Have a Blessed week.
D.G. L



Laura Chaney said...

Congrats on your first finishes of the year! I've always been too scared to do a mystery quilt because I don't like not knowing what I'm making!

LynCC said...

Can't wait to see the stained glass work. :) And, yes! I've had that issue before - the backing running out on me. Rather a pain!

LynCC said...

Can't wait to see the stained glass work. :) And yes! I've had that happen before - the backing running out. Maddening.