Saturday, January 24, 2015

Join me to 'Grow My Blog'!

Good Morning! 

I have 19 followers (I thank each and every one of you!) and would like to have you and many more followers so I am taking part in this year's Grow Your Blog Party. This event helps introduce bloggers to each other and is hosted by 
Vicki at 2 Bags Full:

I  am hoping this will help me grow my blog plus I will have the added benefit of meeting others and sharing their interests.

I started a stained glass business in TN in 1991 and when I moved up to PA in 2000 I continued it…until my husband Larry (Lar) retired last Oct. 
Because of this, I had to get a job with benefits.  
I now work at the local college, or should I say I slave at the local college. I am a cook and my 90 day evaluation is on Monday. I will be asking for hazard pay! 
Burns on arm almost healed.

(This is the least gross picture to show. I have a new burn on my chin I got on Friday and am black and blue on both arms and legs.)
I would like to go elsewhere for the money but the perks of working at the college are great. Work 6 weeks, have off a week, work 2 weeks, have off a month, etc. I work 6am.-2pm. Monday through Friday and have off all major holidays. Should I go to work waiting tables knowing I will have to work nights, weekends, and holidays???

My first passion is stained glass. I have been working in this medium for over 30 years. I am closing my studio and in the course of cleaning and packing I found my first project, a lamp (it was a kit) my brother gave me as a Christmas gift. I did put it together once but through all my moves it was damaged so now I am in the process of putting it back together. It is one of my first stained glass pieces I made and was the project that made me want to do stained glass.

I have many craft interests: sewing, quilting, painting, jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, just to name a few. I like to bake making my own bread about every other week, and I can and preserve in summer. 
I am married (obviously), have 4 sons, (I usually write about my 2 sons), 4 grandchildren (again my 3).

(With my brother/wife, cousin, Lar, and my boys/family)
(Lar's boys and significances)

I started blogging in Oct 2010 but got so frustrated (I have a lot of issues with computers) that I gave up time and again. I decided to give it an honest try this time and hopefully with this Grow Your Blog and your help I will succeed! 

If you are visiting for the first time, I would love for you to follow me. I will try to post once a week. If nothing of interest has happened I might put a little saying on for the week.
 I love following a lot of bloggers as I learn so much from each one of them as well as getting help and inspiration.
Join me and check out my favorites on the sidebar.

I love to receive comments so please at least say hey!


 A great tip for sore throats and colds: 
My cup at home, just a demo.
I had a little scratchy throat the other day at work and was afraid I was getting "IT"! 
Bobby; the pizza girl, mixed me up a cup of this:
Hot water, lemon juice, cinnamon, honey, and white vinegar!
My soar throat was gone within 5 minutes!!!
It Really Works!
(She said sometimes it takes up to an hour). Thank goodness it didn't for me.

Have a great week!

D.G. L
(Loosely translated means ‘ By the grace of God.’)


Laney said...

Good Morning Lindi. I enjoyed seeing your stained glass. LOVE the sewing machine in your header! I'm the assistant for the blog hop out making my rounds. On Vicki's behalf I would like to welcome you to the blog hop! Enjoy!

Beth said...

Love your post. sorry about the burns!!!

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning I am visiting from the party-I am your newest follower-have fun and hope you meets new friends

Shauna said...

I love stained glass, but I would be terrified to try and make it. I'm going to follow you just to see your cool work.

Chantal said...

Hello. Visiting via GYB. Congratulation on your first finish of 2015. Beautiful quilt. Sorry for the burns. You might be interested in yesterday post if you have to stand on your feet all day long.
Great work on the glass too.

Terry said...

Hi and thanks for visiting and following my blog. I have also followed you :) I love stained glass, can't wait to see the other things ytou do

Kathy said...

Thanks for the visit Lindi. Think I will have to mix me up some of that potion of yours as I recently lost my battle with the sore throat....

Lynn - JnL4God said...

Hi so glad to meet you. Thanks for making a comment on my blog also. I think stained glass is so pretty and want to do a stained glass quilt of a nativity scene some day.

Princess Stupidhead said...

Love your stained glass - so beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Lindi! I loved seeing your stained glass and I hope that soon you get more time to follow your creative side. Sorry to hear about the burns... hope they heal up quickly! Thank you for visiting my blog. I have signed up to follow you so will keep in touch! :) x

Threadpainter said...

Hi Lindi ... I am looking forward to following you. I also love the sewing machine in your header !

barbara woods said...

visiting from Vicki's am following you now. I am a quilter from Ga.

Pauline G said...

Visiting you back via the party and will now follow - what great things you do - the stained glass is a great craft - a real wow!!

Nan Smith said...

I'm a new follower from the GYB party.Good luck with continuuing your blog. I'll be watching you!!LOL.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I loved the sewing machine in your blog banner. It is awesome. I also enjoyed reading about your time on and off work. Seems like that would be an ideal job, without the burns, of course.

I also like your quilts. Yes, I scrolled down to see what else you make.

I really enjoyed the visit, since this is my first time here AND at GYB.

Thearica said...

You and I have a lot in common... I love to put away veggies too.. that is a dying art in and of itself. My mother was a cook for years and was always burning herself! Me, I just drop raw eggs in the floor and make huge messes when I cook. lol

I have followed you and hope you will come and follow me back.

Cozy Expressions said...

Hi Lindi!! My Dad used to do stained glass. I so appreciate what you do and know it is NOT easy. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I am now a new follower of yours :)

Sue Kosec said...

Oh, just beautiful work. I admire people that can work with glass ... you're gutsy!

You throw a great party. Thank you for inviting me!

So that you know, I've become a Follower and when time permits, I'll be back to see what other beautiful things were made by your hands!

What this party is all about is to GROW your blog and I'm hoping to do the same. When you get to Section One, check out A Country Chic Retreat and SuZeQ Creations, my personal blog, in Section Fifteen I'd love for you to follow and subscribe to.

Happy crafting!

Cat said...

Hi Lindi! Thanks for visiting my blog.
You do have a fantastic work schedule! Hopefully as you work there longer, you'll learn how to avoid burns and bruises.
You and I have the same blog template. And the same blogging mindset, it seems. I never think I do anything interesting enough to post either. I will follow your blog and we can nag each other to make sure we each get a post up at least once a week, haha.

p.s. - I love your quilts!

Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Hello again, Lindi! How we must suffer for our art (or sometimes not even for our art!)

Following by both GFC and Bloglovin (cause I'm THAT disorganized) :) If you started with 19 followers, you have almost double that now, so AWESOME!

Will def drop by again, I think we may have lots in common. Except when I worked in a school kitchen, I just LOVED it (OK, it was an elementary school and the kids were adorable munchkins LOL)

And I gotta love someone who signs off in Latin *TeeHee*

Sheri said...

What a cute blog with all sorts of interesting information! I love stained glass and have a blown glass pumpkin that I adore and in the back of my mind, wonder about taking up a new hobbie. I wasn't going to take up quilting because I loved jewelry making, beading, and card making and already had too many supplies and commitment of time, but took a class from a friend at church who wanted to teach quilting (just to support her) and ended up with the quilting bug!

africanaussie said...

I dabbled in stained glass many years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Gosh I didnt realize cooking was such a physical job! The hours sound good though.

Dry Gulch said...

Love your stained glass work! Wow, that's such a neat medium to work in. Cheers from your fellow Grow Your Blog hopper!

Anonymous said...

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CatieAn said...

Hi Lindi I am visiting from the blog party and am so glad to have found you. I just took a college stained glass a year ago and am venturing into this new art with no support but lots of ideas and enthusiasm. I hope you let me pick your brain from time to time.
I enjoyed reading about you and your family and am a happy new follower.

Wendy Sylvestre said...

Hello Lindi, so nice to meet you through GYB! What a beautiful art is glass staining. And good to see you finished your beautiful quilt, the first finish of 2015. It must be so satisfying when such a big project is done. Thank you for your visit and for following my blog :) I'm following you now too (via, because I reached the maximum of 300 something blogs one can follow via google friend connect...) By the way, did you know you have another 3 (4 now) followers on feedly? And may be some on bloglovin as well, so you have already more followers than you knew, how cool is that :) Wishing you a beautiful day ~ Wendy of Apple and Apricot

My Painted Garden said...

Hi Lindi - stopping by from Grow Your Blog party and really enjoyed seeing your beautiful stained glass. I am looking forward to following you to see more of your lovely art.
Have a wonderful day.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Ouch--I agree that you should get hazard pay! I have seven more months of paying through the nose for my health care--I could be buying a lot of fabric instead--lol!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Stained glass has always fascinated me but I've never tried making it. It's definitely an art form. Thank you for inviting us to come and visit you!

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

I do glass work but more fuzed . just got my kilt fixed so will do more . Maybe I better go and do some.
come visit.

Beverly Kirk said...

Nice to meet ya... dear lady BYG 2015

Zenia Rene said...

Nice to meet you Lindi! stopping by from GYB. Even though your job is have some great hours and time off!! I'll be checking out your makes real soon.

Wendy said...

hello, nice to meet you. I love stained glass, I made a window last year on a course I did and would love to take it up, if only I had a shed or a garage to work in.

Marly said...

Stained glass is one craft I've never tried, but have always found fascinating. I'll be back to look at more of your glass projects soon. I'm now following your blog.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

HI Lindi, stopping by from GYB. You are very talented to work with glass, lovely!!

Carol D. said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog and have become a new follower. If you are interested in selling your glass goodies there is a site on Facebook - The Artist Garage Group -

Quinn said...

Hi Lindi - thanks for visiting Comptonia!
I am so impressed with your stained glass work...I have always thought THAT would be a dangerous occupation, but now I see the REALLY hazardous life is that of a professional cook! Good gracious, I hope there are no more burns and bruises in your future, because it does sound like the actual work schedule is pretty nice?
Take care :)

~ Dixie said...

Hi Lindi,

Lovely work. So glad I found your blog on the GYB hop.
A new follower...

Jennifer LaVite said...

Your stained glass work is beautiful. It is nice to meet you and I hope you will visit my blog as well.