Thursday, July 9, 2015

Consistently Inconsistent!

I think I go back to work next week, will not know until Monday. I was supposed to start July 5th but already had scheduled 2 weeks of vacation.

I was having computer problems and was not able to post before I went on vacation so I am giving a very short recap of the last week of June......
(this is me being consistent!)

Picked up my first Row By Row (rbr) experience at Verna’s! I bought the kit (for the fish) and ended up buying more fabric to go with it…..

Saw an ‘in the hoop’ zippy bag so I gave it a try. Four, yes that’s 4, hours later I finished this zippy with a finished size of 4" x 6"...can't get a lot in it and do not like it...... 

I made and sewed the label on my Pineapple quilt.

Put up a case of peas. Found 3 cases of pickled beets!

I received a new ‘Best Press’. I called the company to ask them if the product has a shelf life and it does. The life is 4 years.


 Frankincense oil helps to repel ticks.

Have a great week.

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