Sunday, July 26, 2015


Does this ever happen to you? You have a specific tool you buy for a project, use it, put it away, and cannot find it the next time you want to use it?

That’s what happened to me when I was working on this:

I did not want to use my big iron for such small pieces and remembered this:

A bit antiquated, but it worked fine.
I am on my last row of the Experience.  Hopefully I will have all the rows put together this week. I am thinking of just meandering to quilt them because I just want to get this ‘FINISHED’!
The best part of this whole experience was getting most of the patterns with my grandchildren, even though Daddles was in agony having to go from quilt shop to quilt shop.

I canned corn this week. I do not have a deep freezer so I have to can everything. 

I was surprised how easy the corn was to can! Sorry I do not remember the site I got this from:

  1. After husking and cleaning corn, cut off kernels.
  2. Place corn kernels in clean, hot jars.
  3. Add salt. (I added ¼ tsp.)
  4. Fill jar with boiling water, leaving 1” headspace.
  5. ‘Poke’ out air bubbles.
  6. Screw on cap.
  7. Process for 55 minutes.

I listened to a 90 minutes webinar by Renea of
The subject was ‘Pinterest’ and so intense she had me stressed out by the time it was over! She gave such great information. Now all I have to do is decide  which 'path' to start down. Should it be glass or jewelry? I would like to try jewelry but there are so, so many sites out there selling their jewelry wares.
I create all sorts of jewelry pieces and I can make bracelets to size. I know some wrists are not the normal and I can make them to fit you!
Or should I do glass fusing?
This bowl was made by using the bride's flowers from her wedding bouquet.
Then there are the totally 'customized' fused pieces:
Do you have any suggestions?
While I was fusing the tiny pieces of fabric in place:
to keep from burning my fingertips I put these on my fingers:
I was able to hold the pieces in place to keep them from moving while ironing and I did not burn my fingers. These are actually finger ‘cots/grippies’ to help move the fabric while quilting but they  work great to keep your fingers safe while ironing.
I got mine at JoAnn’s with a coupon. (Of course.)

Have a great week.

D.G. L


Christine Barnsley said...

Hello Lindi! Hope you had a great weekend! I love both your jewellery and your glass.... could you combine them both? :) x

Barb said...

what a great idea to keep from burning your fingers....and yes, it happens to me all of the time...still looking for the battery charger for my camera

Ramona said...

You custom glass bathing suit top (or bra??) is a riot!! Love your bracelets, too. Looking forward to seeing your row by row quilt.

Maartje Quilt said...

Those boats and whale are fun!!
Half of my life I am searching for things I get lost the other half of my life. So you are not the only one.
By the way I would go for glass. I love glass!

Shasta Matova said...

I really like your sailboat piece. So refreshing.