Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Where to start?!?
I am still working on that pineapple I started last month. I swear they make more blocks after I turn out the light and close the door…
I am working on Gyleen’s: Summer Camp quilt. You would never believe I have a really hard time with colors. Give me a bunch of glass and I can see where to put what color, density of glass, etc. and can see the finished project but I CAN NOT do this with fabric! It took me about an hour to lay out this one small 9 patch. I finally noticed one of the blocks was ‘fighting’ with the others and had to remake it. Obviously it is a scrappy and a mystery, therein lies even more of a problem because there are no pictures for me to see the end result…

There are actually 2 different ones started.

It was amazing how the border made this 'come together'. 

Friday night was First Friday in our town. My sister-in-law wanted to go to a new pub she heard about at work. She said ‘they open up the walls and it’s like you’re sitting outside.’ 

(tent on street)
 She also heard the Rueben Sandwich was really good….(she’s never had one before). After I got our bill I thought to myself  ‘I don’t remember seeing any gold dust or diamonds'. She and I shared the sandwich (in my opinion nothing to write home about), got 2 drinks ($13.00), (I could not drink mine because the lemon juice overpowered the champagne); tipped $3.75 for the both of us….and we left $30.00 between the two of us!! Am I sounding cheap or is this a little pricey for a sandwich? Oh yeah, must have been the few fries that came with!?! 
The pub was remodeled nicely though. They took the tin tiles off the ceiling opening it up, and put the tin on a section of the wall. They removed all the sheet rock taking the walls down to the bare wood and brick, papered some of the new replacement walls. Notice the paper next to the tin? It was also on the ceiling in the ladies room. 

(Sister-in-law on right)

Both the door/windows were open which made for nice atmosphere. The tent in the second picture is the start of celebrating the 75th anniversary of Little League Baseball. Little League was started in Williamsport. We strolled by the tent after leaving the pub but there was too much ‘hob-nobbery(snobbery)’ for me.  
Received my Valdani order from my supplier! (I can order for you too, just email me.) No, they are not all mine to keep.

This is a great tip I tried this past weekend. I have been using a piece of one of those rubber shelving mats (you know the kind you put under your machine and foot petal to keep them from moving) to get up those pesky bits of thread and fabric from my carpet for some time. I ‘pull’ it into a pile and just vacuum it up when I clean. I started dust busting the stairs and after a few minutes of going over the same spot to get those buggers up, I got out my piece of mat. I started on the top step but the shelving mat piece was so used and I couldn’t find the other part I used to cut the piece off of so I got out my rubber glove. It worked! Fast and easy with no breaking my back by vacuuming!
Those white 'dots' came from the mat that was coming apart.

As if I don’t have enough to do one of my customers (93 years old) makes glass Christmas ornaments for a few of his friends and family. Last year I talked him into making a fused Santa. I thought this would be easier than cutting, grinding, soldering, etc. for him. Did I mention he is ultra meticulous? Because he could not have the pieces fit EXACTLY last year it ended up that I sent the glass home with him to cut and bring back to me to finish. Why should I have thought any different this year? I sent the pattern and glass home with him to cut and glue together. EIGHT EASY PIECES!  Again he brought me the pieces stating the glue I gave him (which is what I use all the time) was not working. He told me he was going to use Super Glue at which point I said NO, it has to go in my kiln and I don’t want to take the chance of explosion, let alone fumes! 

Now all I have to do is set up the rest, fire, and finish them. Thank goodness it is an easy pattern!
Yes I have to embellish them too...

A parting thought:
On the pub wall.
Thanx for visiting. 
D.G. L


StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the idea of pubs like that - but that price seems a bit overboard to me! I love Valdani thread - such beautiful, rich colors. :) blessings, marlene

Una said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It takes all sorts because I really admire anyone who has the patience to sew a quilt. Give me a gigantic crochet blanket any day!

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Lindi I love the Summer Camp quilt - it's really coming together nicely and I agree, the border just set it off... Congrats on your glass work -- the detail that is required there is amazing. If you're near Williamsport we're only a couple of hours apart -- if you're ever near the Finger Lakes give me a yell -- it would be neat to meet! Hugs, Karen