Monday, June 2, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Congratulations Brandie! You are a follower and left me a comment….how hard was that??

A few weeks ago 2 of my BS friends bought the new double pointed Panasonic iron. It was on sale for $89.00 + tax. I’m still not sure why it has points on each end, how many times do I press backwards? Not many, but I might could. I thought about getting this iron but really, really hate spending that much money for an iron. I don’t know about you but I have this thing about paying over $35.00 for an iron.  I bought a T-Fal (had a coupon) and took it back because it would turn off even while I was ironing. I bought a Procter Silex but it only lasted 6 months before it started ‘spitting’ on me. I HATE that! I have also gotten many others. I decided to go to Sears because we were given a gift card for Christmas. (Free is definitely the best!) I found a great iron for $22.25 (that included tax)!! You see I don’t like to spend a lot of money for my irons because I am always dropping them. (This could be the reason the PS only lasted 6 months.)
This iron is amazing! It works just as well as an Oliso, Panasonic, Rowenta, any of them!
Our quilt guild meeting was a girl’s night out. We went to the only local quilt store (20 miles from my house). It is really an everything store that also sells fabric and quilt items. We ate at OIP before we went to the store. The owner of the store was at the restaurant, I guess to see how many would be coming to his store, and he paid for everyone’s meal! He also gave great discounts on everything. (He already gives our guild members a 30% discount.)
Sorry I do not know this lady's name , but she just joined our guild. She also just started shopping.
See Betsy M. (on the right) signing up for the 2016 quilt show I am chairing?
It's never too soon for Mel to teach her granddaughter Mari about quilting!
My birthday cake already?!? Oh, it's a cake Patsy got for the guild party, my mistake....
Midge and Mary had a great time. (Will their husbands be bringing the semi later to get the rest of their goodies???)
Wow, I certainly didn’t expect my birthday turning out the way it did!
Weeks ago I told my husband Lar what I wanted to do for my birthday. Because my children do not live close to me I wanted to take my younger son’s family (he lives 2 hours away) with us to my older son’s home in TN so we could all be  together. All I really wanted for my 60th birthday was to be with my family. My younger son had to work upstate NY and wouldn’t be able to go, so that plan fell through. I stepped back, reconnoitered, and decided I wanted to go to Knoble’s to spend the day with my brother. He called Thursday to tell me he would not be going this year. (Going to Knoble’s for Memorial Day has been a tradition for my brother for 30+ years, not going only maybe 3 times at the most.) I was so upset.
The reason everyone kept making me change my plans was because Lar threw me an amazing surprise party. After walking in and seeing a bunch of people my eyes landed on my sons!! At that point I just lost it.
(I was going to just hole up in my sewing room and work on my pineapple quilt.) The party was amazing! It was the first time both Lar and my families where together…minus one of his sisters and 2 brothers.
Unfortunately the pictures of everyone are on Lar's camera yet. Also we were the only ones left so I had to take 2 different sets of family.
My brother and I with our cousin Sharon. She raised us in the summer when school was out. She is a 'walking wonder'. She had her neck broken in a car accident, survived cancer, has had numerous operations.  At this time she is healing from carpel tunnel on her right hand, getting left done next, she says she lives on $600.00 a month (still don't know how she does that) and yet she keeps plugging along without complaining!
I did get all the boys together tough.
It's amazing how my sons hold their hands just like their grandfather did...
Which brings me to the WINNER of my birthday present! It is Brandie Campbell of ABC:!
Congratulations and thank you for sharing my special day with me!
Speaking of parties:
This past Sat. Chookeyblue:  had a birthday party and I thought why not join in. It was great having birthday parties 2 Saturdays in a row. I went in my sewing room around noon and Lar called me at 7:30 to see if I was cooking anything for super. I had no idea what time it was and could have kept on sewing, but alas had to stop. I continued the party on Sunday though, all by myself.
Now all I need is the other 119 on that pile to be put together like this.

This coming Sat. I just might see if anyone else is having a party and crash it….

As if I do not have enough on my plate, I signed up for Gyleen’s summer camp. 
I have so much fabric and she teaches several ‘scrappy’ techniques so started pulling fabric. Her method seems so logical. You pull your ‘soloist’ first, then add your ‘choir’ and finish it with your ‘harmonizer’. I haven’t decided on my ‘harmonizer’ yet  so I will show you the pic later.
  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
Again Thank you to the Men, Women, and Families that made and make our Nation Free!
D.G. L



Brandie said...

I'm like you, I don't want to pay that much for an iron.

Thank you for the giveaway!

Great surprise on your birthday. What a great gift, to see all your family!

Chookyblue...... said...

happy birthday........glad your family surprised you and you had a great time for your birthday..........

thanks for joining in the Chookshed party........

Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Lindi -- this post was so sweet -- I just love the fun surprise birthday party and all the excuses from your children and brother. Oh my your heart must have flown when you saw everyone. Oh and thanks for the tip on the Iron... Can never have enough Good -- Real Good -- Irons! Karen

Michele Reynolds said...

I hear you about not wanting to spend a lot of $$ on an iron! love my old iron. My new one shuts off by itself and such, but I like the old one so much more. After I got fabric fuse on my old iron, I saw a post about how to clean the iron face with aluminum foil. The thought of scrapping that on the surface made me cringe. But, my husband tried it for me, and it's super shiny again. Now, I use the old iron for crafts and fabric fuse projects and sweetly ask my hubby to clean it for me if it gets sticky:)