Friday, June 27, 2014

Thank you Scientists and Researchers!

Thanx to all of you for your help and suggestions on my itching dilemma but really the ONLY thing that helped, and is helping are the DRUGS! Yeah researchers and scientists… I have battled this predicament all my life. One year I got poison while sledding in 2 feet of snow! It is a good thing for those drugs too because I am getting tired of wearing long sleeves (Cuddledud's one day with the temperature of 81 because it was the only long sleeve shirt I could find) and am still wearing them when I leave the house until my arms look better.
 *A little side note. For those of you who follow me of which I am dearly appreciative, you will notice the D.G. L at the end of my post. This DOES NOT stand for Dirty Girl. It is Latin: Dei Gratia. If I am translating it correctly it means 'With/By the Grace of God." (The L is for Lindi.)

Not much is going on in my kiln this week or in the glass department for that matter. I do have 2 items in the kiln today and am praying they will turn out.  When I was cleaning the one plate to get it ready for the kiln it broke in two with one half falling to the floor, the other staying in my hand (and of course that piece just has to have the most expensive glass in it.)….ARRRRR!
I hope Elmer’s will be my friend. So now I am playing around with ‘ramping’.
I am working on another one of those flower vases also.  It’s always a surprise when I open my kiln.

Does it seem as if I am obsessed with irons?!?
I found that same Sunbeam iron (previous post) at the pharmacy when I went for my drugs and bought it! It was on sale for the same price as Sears. Should I get another one, just one more...????
(BTW I already dropped the new one, just once though.)
I am bringing up this point because the other day I had to go to my friends to work on our raffle quilt. She has a stash to pull from and I will show you SOME after this iron complaint.
She bought this iron (it is a sin what she paid for it and does anyone else have to repent?!?):
You can't see it but there is steam coming out.
You fill up the well with a tiny little cup and have to wait till the iron ‘builds’ up steam pressure. If you over fill it you have this on your board:

See puddle to left?
I held the steam button down about 10 seconds to get rid of some of the water in the well. It was over filled…not by me, by the owner (sinner) and the floor was soaked! When I increased the steam output and set the iron upright to get the next piece of fabric the wall was dripping because the steam constantly came out. I kept forgetting to turn the iron away from the wall... If you do not turn on the steam there isn't any which means the iron doesn’t remove the wrinkles! 
Now for the best part, if you use that tiny little filling cup you have to fill the iron about every 4-5 minutes! You have to turn off the iron, wait a moment because this iron is based on steam pressure, after opening it you have to wait because the cooler water will ‘spit up', the well is still hot, etc….WHAT A PAIN…

My Sunbeam stays on, gets hot, doesn’t ‘spit’, etc. 

Now back to her stash:
This bin was SOME of her Batik FQs:

We started pulling...

Got some bits and pieces from here.

We were trying not to get into ONE of her real stashes:

 I wanted to give you a panoramic view but I still do not know how to set up the pix yet so please use your imagination.

 ...wish I had just one of these kinds of stash closets! (Notice I am saying ONE!)

One time her husband made the comment “You must have at least $600.00 worth of fabric in here" and it has been our BS group's favorite joke.

Our annual guild picnic was last night. There was a lot of great food.

One of the food (tables), more set up out of kitchen.

 I made  Banana Split Dessert:


2 c. graham cracker crumbs mixed with 6 tbsp. melted butter, pressed into a 9x13" pan. (You can use ready made crusts.)
Beat together: 
2c. 10x sugar, 1/2 c. butter or margarine, 2 eggs, and 1 tsp. vanilla until smooth enough to spread over crumbs.
Slice 4 bananas and place on mixture.
Drain a large can of crushed pineapple and spread over bananas.
I chop up maraschino  cherries and spread over pineapple.
Top with 16 oz. Cool Whip. (Or your preference.) 
Garnish with fruit of choice: I put more cherries. Sprinkle with chopped nuts.
Keep refrigerated. Better to make a day ahead.
A door prize :

I expect a piece of shortcake.

Our guild’s BOM is based on the ‘Theme of the month” (i.e.; May - flowers, Oct. - fall, Halloween) - kind of like a round robin. Unfortunately I do not participate because I am working on other things and didn’t get in on the beginning. Wish I would have because I would have more keepsakes made by friends…

 Shelly picked these: 

Angie's sister Sue.

The way we used to do the BOM: whoever wanted to make the selected pattern of the month made a block. If your ticket was picked you got them all. This lady won the BOM added to it and made this:

These Carpenter’s Star blocks was a workshop given by one of our members Teri Snyder:


Show and Share:

Florence's niece is expecting.


Hey! Where's my shortcake????

A raffle quilt for Frances' church.
Did you help your sister Janet?

Kay's donation to her church's raffle.
Cindy's bed runner. Small bed.
Thanx for helping Nancy!
Shelly took Gyleen's: Trash to Treasure Pineapple class. She's finished with hers, do you think she will help me to get mine done?
Nice job!!!
Thanx Angie for giving up your seat so I could take pix!
One HOT chick!!!
Tired of having to scrub soap scum out/off your soap dish/holder? After cleaning it rub a small amount of baby oil on once a week. You will never have to scrub again! 

Thanx for visiting!
D.G. L



Jenni Mills said...

Oh my gosh that stash!!!!!
I have one shelf. One can dream I guess. And yes that iron sounds like a big pain.

Threadpainter said...

I loved my visit at your house today ;)
I miss meetings with the guild I used to belong to. It's so much fun to go through someone else's stash !