Sunday, June 22, 2014


Oh no, just on the ground. Lar and I took a trip up to Morris, PA for the ‘Rattlesnake Hunt’. I had never been and was curious as to what it was. We were going to ride up on the bike, but that day was one of the coolest we had had in a long time. Hence, by the time we left the snake hunt, there were only 7 snakes caught. People go out and catch the snakes, bring them back to the tent to be ‘judged’. Then the caught snakes are taken back to where they were caught! (Thanx to PETA. I don’t know about you but I would think one less rattlesnake in my back yard is a good thing!)
see the blue ribbon on the tail

this was the largest caught by the time we left
judging the big one

How fun is this?!
We ate some BBQ.
Tastes like chicken.

A BIG THANK YOU to Brandie:  She sent me this wonderful birthday ‘surprise’ gift. You can’t see the backside of the pincushion, but it has her very own label attached!
Thank you Brandie!
Any suggestions on what to make with this great gift?
I was a bit confused by the card which says to reuse it. Am I supposed to send it back to her so she can send me a gift next year??? 
 A friend and I went picking berries before I had to go to work. I picked 8 quarts. I was going to make jam with some of the berries when I got home from work. Wouldn't you know it was the hottest day of the season so far?!

I decided to just mash them and get them ready. I canned them over the next 2 mornings before I went to work when the temperature was not as bad.
First 2 batches.

I was short 1, that's one star for the customer I was telling you about in a previous post! AARRR! I guess in the long run it was just as well because I cut and made more to add into my stock.

I am also working on more fused items.

I love a parade… But first we had to go to a customer appreciation event at a motorcycle place about 49 miles away. That was a good thing, not the 49 miles, but the cycle thing because it was on the way to the Laurel Festival Parade and Festival.
did not taste like chicken

There were several floats with the Laurel Queen contestants. 
these girls are from our local area

We met the judge (He picks the queen of the festival) which is one of our local DJ’s, and his gf. 

How 'bout this Sweet P?

Do you think he was in his glory?

 There were dozens of vendor tents and things to see. I found this to be interesting.

Friday night was FNSI hosted by Wendy of Sugarlane Quilts:
(Friday Night Sew In) 

This is what I worked on 

and as I was finishing the final pressing I saw this! 

hole snipped into fabric I had to remove

Why is it when it is late and you are finishing up you run into these issues?!? (I forgot I had snipped into the piece of fabric which I set aside to fix, only to pick it up before it was fixed and sew it in…)

This is a great tip.
Do you know what these are?


If you want to 'hull' berries and are like me and do not own a ‘huller’ use a  measuring spoon. If you do not have this set, you can use your ¼ teaspoon instead. Just be careful not to ‘hunk’ off too much berry when using the 1/4 teaspoon.
Now, can anyone out there give me a tip???
I was weeding my yard last week and now am covered in POISON!!! What is your tip to get rid of it? I am spraying every 1/2 hour with Ivy-Dry. Not only is it not going away, it is SPREADING!#@&!! HELP ME! 
Thanx for visiting!
D.G. L


Noreen said...

I had severe poison ivy several years ago. First, wash thoroughly with alcohol - it's about the only thing that neutralizes poison ivy oils. The oil is on your clothes, shoes, gloves, whatever it touched - and it stays there forever or until you use alcohol to neutralize it. (Or throw them away!)I read that someone swears by Stridex Maximum ( - just rub it all over where the poison ivy is. (I haven't tried it, but I do have a container of it on hand just in case.) I used Jewelweed (the only thing that actually worked) soap and Jewelweed salve that I bought on line. Which means you have to wait a few days to get it. Hope you heal quickly!

Kristi said...

Poison ivy? Yikes! Calamine lotion would be my suggestion, but I haven't had a case of poison oak (I live on the west coast) since I was a kid.

Good luck!

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

Wow rattlesnakes, jam, motorcycles and have alot going on :)

If Ivy Dry isn't working maybe tea tree oil but honestly if it is bad, probably a doctor...might need some cortisone or steroid shot as well as a prescription cream?

Brandie said...

We use Fels-Naptha on our poisons. It's a soap that you might have to shop around for but it's worth it and from now on keep it on hand.
We have also discovered that foamying hand sanitizer works pretty good at killing the rash.

Haha, I meant keep the card to stamp out hexies.